Social Media

Social media has become a very important part of our everyday lives, especially for celebrities. Stars have found that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to interact with fans and send them updates with their latest news and glimpses of their personal lives, but social media can also be dominant marketing tools for monetization or charitable ends. Our experts will help you make the connection between PR efforts and social media and develop a tactical implementation calendar. By using social media tactics designed for the international superstar we will help you rise above the competition and maximize your celebrity status. Let us help you harness the power of your stardom!

Social Network
We are now a connected humanity and the world is one giant social network. Social Media has changed the way we shop, search for information, and share our lives with each other. For celebrities it has become the most important mode of communication with their fans and an integral way of promoting their brand. An effective social media presence will not only help you enhance your image and create a community of faithful followers, but it will also help you make more money. An active social media presence will help you stay connected with your audience in ways that you could not do before.
Celebrities have a reputation to uphold and a brand to promote. We specialize in developing unique strategies for maintaining a great social voice in order to captivate your audience and sell your brand. Our branding experts will help to increase and maintain your audience and make sure that your brand is ever-present in their mind. We will make sure that you are authentically and powerfully presenting your brand online. We do this by helping you define your personal brand position, developing a personal brand communication style and defining your personal brand image.
With so much competition for your audiences's attention, it is imperative for brands to create attention grabbing content that users will be excited to share. However, even the most marvelous content must be paired with an extraordinary content experience. This is where we shine, because we know that content experience matters! We will build your content around an experience optimized for your audience and make sure that they stick around and lose themselves in your surroundings. Our content management specialists will help you create and provide the most relevant content for your audience, striking a balance between publishing frequency and quality.
Engage With Fans
Your audience comes to you to get a sneak peek into your life, but they also want to interact with you. As an influencer people want to hear from you and get to know you better. Our technology partners will build you a customized platform where you can reach your fanbase with rich media content. Through your own powerful app, you will easily be able to broadcast yourself, your events and your products to your most engaged audience. You can even use livestreaming to share experiences with your fans in real time with a tap of a button across the whole world!
Through our strategic partners we will help you transform your social media following into a monetization engine. At the same time, we will provide you with a direct reach to your audience and sponsors while bypassing any middle man and large media company; whether they are social media, TV networks, or search engines. We will give you control of your own social network exclusive to your brand, a place where your fan club can gather, and a TV channel for your fans to watch; even with pay-per-view functionality. No limitations, post what you want when you want it, for your most special fans to see. With exclusive content only available through In-App purchases, fans will feel like they are part of the ultimate fan club where only a limited number of people will have access.
Fan Intelligence
The data science feature of your app will help you analyze and predict fan engagement. It gauges fans' interactions with posts as well as understands emotional responses to what has been published. Brands are then able to forecast more relevant content according to their fans' behaviors and preferences. You can also track your fans' activity and see how they are using the app, gather information from their public profiles, and know all about your fans' interests. This will help you further tailor your app to meet your audience's needs, create targeted promotions, and increase your subscription rate.